lvl-up app

Supercharge and elevate your coaching experience

Client Onboarding

Simple onboarding for your client data

Achieve results

Keep track of client progress towards success and make adjustments along the way


Build a database of training and nutrition plans and share them with your clients. Not only this you can sell general plans on this platform

Technical Support

We're here to help you get up and running quick


lvlup is a productivity tool and client management app for personal trainers and online coaches who are looking to level up their engagement and experiences with clients

Client Management

Manage all of your clients and their workouts in one place. Add your clients, deliver personalized workout plans, track progress, and stay on top of communication.

Progress Tracker

We make it easy to track exercise history and metrics, so both you and your clients can log results and visualize progress towards specific goals over time.

Mobile App

Everything on the go, for you as a coach and for your client to track their progress, available both on iOS and Android, created specifically for your business

Program Builder

Design entire series of workouts for your clients with lvlup Programs. Write your programs once, then customize for each client without having to recreate the program every time.

Push Notifications

Automatically notify your clients of upcoming workouts ahead of time. We also remind you when upcoming client workouts are due, so your clients are never left waiting.


Sell more personal training packages with seamless payments. Deliver your coaching services instantly when clients subscribe to them through lvlup Payments. You don't have to worry or chase for payments any longer.

Business Management without the chaos

An all-in-one dashboard to help you take control of your business through a birds eye view

LVLUP Dashboard

Build & Sell your custom packages

Sell your online or face-to-face packages with custom programs, prices and voucher codes


Manage your client progression

Track their progress and weekly check-ins


Customize your workout programming

Create custom workout programs from a library of over 1,000+ exercises


It's all about nutrition

Generate custom meal plans from over 300,000+ healthy recipes, customized for each client individually based on their daily caloric needs

Meal Plans

Still have more questions?

Please, reach out and we will make sure we address all your questions.


lvlup is a fitness technology company established to help hard working fitness professionals scale and grow their business



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